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While "What's Brewing" is not a non-profit organization, it serves as a poignant reminder for individuals to acknowledge and honor the sacrifices made by veterans. It offers a tangible opportunity for community members to express their gratitude and support. Sponsoring "What's Brewing" is akin to buying a cup of coffee for many veterans simultaneously, representing a collective gesture of appreciation for their service.

If you choose to sponsor "What's Brewing," you have the chance to honor an individual through your sponsorship. We will reach out to you to gather details about the individual you wish to honor, ensuring that their service is recognized and celebrated appropriately. Thank you for considering supporting our initiative and recognizing the contributions of our veterans.

Ways to Sponsor:

  • Picking up the tab for an event or portion of an event.

  • In-kind donation of coffee and supplies.

  • In-kind donation or food/refreshments for an event. 

  • Hosting an entire event at your venue including a discount or in-kind contribution for veterans in attendance.

Contact us for more information. 

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